you will write a 5000 word the minimum document with 15 citations

You will write a 5000-word (the minimum) document with 15 citations. The topic is (using Facebook to teach students at the University of Hailin Saudi Arabia) and needs to utilize at least 15 citations. You can add some links to some sites or videos that related to the topic.

Also, you’ll create a PowerPoint presentation described what you wrote.

On the beginning, you might talk about social media in general then focus at using Facebook to teach students.

For example, what’s Facebook?

what are the benefits of using Facebook in education?

why do we use Facebook to teach students?

Ways to using Facebook in the classroom etc……

Please focus on using Facebook in the classroom in Saudi Arabia.

Don’t waste your time

PLAGIARISM not acceptable at all, I’ll use SafeAssign to make sure your work is clean. Please Use your own thoughts and words

Use the APA style format

You will have to provide all the articles or any resources that you used

Read carefully the requirements before you contact me


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