talk about how people easily believe what others post without verifying its accuracy

To take part in public/academic conversations, you have to take a stand in your own right. This requires mapping your ideas in relation to others. You need to: 1) discover your own ideas in relation to others, 2) develop a sense of “the big picture,” the wider context, or the conversation.

For this paper, take a position in response to the claims of two or more of the assigned texts or podcasts, and defend that position with reasoning and evidence. Your paper should provide an analysis/critique. You can critique an argument in the texts we’ve read, or provide additional support for a stance with which you agree. Your thesis/argument should do one of the following: (1) disagree with an author and explain why, (2) agree with an author while providing something fresh/new, or (3) identify a place where you think the author should go further with her/his argument (4) provide an insight, analysis or interpretation. Your thesis should clearly point to the specific parts of the arguments that you are discussing in your analysis.


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