***Before you bid this assignment, please ensure that this is not a normal essay. This assignment has to be in persuasive statement of fact structure with no evaluative language like should, great, good, bad, in my opinion, etc. Just stick with facts. Also, you need to stick with one side. For example, if you are writing positive fact, just stick with positive. Do not state the negative fact. ***

***Also check the sample paper so that you get an idea of how to write statement of fact***

This assignment is 1000 words minimum statement of fact paper. Check the assignment instructions in the attached file.

*tip : It will be easier to write about a person or an object than an event. You can write about a person or an object’s history, background, and so on.*

I will be making two deadlines for this assignment.

I need the draft (500 words minimum) done by the first 10 hours. After I received the draft from you in 10 hours, I will extend the time for 2 days for you to complete the whole paper which is 1000 words minimum.

And no plagiarism please. Thanks.

Please ask me if you need more clarification about the deadlines or the instructions.


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