For this assignment you will repsond with 150 words to the following;

I live in coastal Maine and in a (Sunday) Maine Sunday Telegram newspaper the lead story was about the nursing shortage here. The article notes the following: “The median age of working RNs and APRNs in Maine is 49, according to the report (by Brewer-based Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems), and about one-third are within 10 years of retirement age. More than half of Maine’s RNs and APRNs are age 50 or higher.” The article uses the median age and then reports a statistical age higher than 49, that is 50, as the median. If the median age is 49 then more than half of the nurses cannot be 50 or higher. They could be 49 or higher but not 50 or higher. Or the median age would be 50.

Also reported in the article was the following: “The median wage for registered nurses in Maine is just under $30 an hour.” Thus half of the registered nurses earn just under $30 or more and half earn just under $30 or less. It would be important to know the range of hourly wages for registered nurses to fully understand the significance of the hourly wage. But that was not offered in the article.


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