introduction to islam

Visit any MASJID — any where on planet earth– connected to any Muslim denomination. It must be a purpose dedicated structure that is only used as a masjid– it should not be in a store front or an apartment building or in a school, etc. The visit should be between February and March 2019.

Present the outside / facade of the structure. How does the structure differ from the other buildings that surround it?

What requirements are there to enter the masjid?

How is space divided inside the masjid? What sort of colors are used on the walls and the floor?

–> You may visit the masjid at prayer time and participate or visit at a time when there are no prayers. Comment on the multiple activities in a masjid besides prayers, such as classes, lectures, etc.

Also, try to discuss the context of the masjid with the Imam (the officiating leader) of the masjid and include a summary of the conversation in the report.

(3 pages.) Double Space

Need cover page with appropriate image and a quote from the sacred Qur’an or Hadith or both.


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