i need help in writing a discussion 250 words

This discussion post should relate to Prose Fiction, which for our purposes is largely the short story, and more specifically some of the short stories we have read as assigned and others that you might have read for pleasure.

Comment on the kind of argument you might develop in a Literary Analytical Criticism essay, and then refer to one of the stories included among the stories in the anthology, commenting on how you think you might develop an argument about that literary work. Pick a work of literature that means something to you for your essay.

Remember that you can comment on each other’s posts; I will. But please do not comment on a story you have already commented on in Post2. And remember that this time I will be much more “critical” what you say and how you say it, especially with respect to how you suggest you might develop the argument in criticism.

( and I’ll send some examples so u can see how i want it to be)

It’s only 250 words


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