games politics assignment 300 words reading summary 1

Please submit a written opinion response to the Games + Politics readings.

REMINDER: Assignments are accepted as inline text entry only. Do not link to external documents. Paste your response into the assignment window.

You have been presented with 4 perspectives on the same critical question of how to engage with political statements in games. Referring to at least two of these readings, identify the key argument/ideas and then tell me where you stand in relation to this debate. Explain your opinion. Refrain from extensive introductions or preambles, just get right into the key ideas. UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS, YOUR OPINION IS WELCOME, as long as you refer to the readings and show you have read them, by being specific about them.

Please use paragraph format, and spell-check—no bullet points. Keep a copy for yourself on your computer or storage device in the event that the submitted assignment is lost or destroyed. Responses will be assessed based upon the quality and specificity of your summary as well as attention to key ideas from the talk.


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