annotated bibliography for the topic electronic commerce for small businesses

The paper is going to be an annotated bibliography for the topic Electronic commerce for small businesses. The paper requires the reading of five articles. The annotated bibliography must include 5 relevant sources. I already found 4 sources, I will provide the link for those and you would have to come up with one more. The source have to be peer reviewed and it can’t be more than 3 years old. I’m going to upload the instruction file so please download it and make sure you follow that carefully step by step and cover everything mentioned. In number 4, it states what the annotation must contain specifically in order(a – e). Each part should be covered carefully in a paragraph. At the end, each source is going to have five paragraphs. A page is going to contain the citation and the annotation of 5 paragraphs. Therefore, the paper will be 5 pages without the cover page and bibliography. Finally, use APA format for the bibliography, make sure all the rules are respected(It is important).


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